Hi, thank you for your interest in working with Miss Penny Money. Please note that all work is completed by CIM Digital Marketing-qualified copywriter, Fiona Chapman

Content for the Miss Penny Money audience is centred around getting out of debt, saving money, and making money.

This website is to help readers gain control of their money and work towards financial independence.

These values are reflected in the type of articles published on this blog. 

Sponsored Posts

Provided they are in my readers’ best interest financially, I’m available to write sponsored posts.

Articles on this blog focus on how to get out and stay out of debt. They also promote learning financial independence through commitment and perseverance.

I love to promote products and services that embody these values. If you’d like to reach out about a sponsored post, please get in touch to work with me here.

Guest Posts

I’m available to write guest posts on your blog. Topics may include steps to get out of debt, saving money on bills, grocery shopping, and budgeting. I am also happy to share ways to make money to supplement your reader’s income.

I welcome guest post submissions, providing they are in alignment with the values of Miss Penny Money and do not create a risk for the readers of the blog. 


Do you have any upcoming events within the world of personal finance? I recently participated in a personal finance panel discussion at General Assembly London in association with Monzo Bank. I’m available for further speaking events. If you would like someone with an honest account of a journey to becoming debt-free please do get in touch.


Media Pack

This blog was launched in October 2018, and has seen healthy, steady growth since its inception. Please feel free to download the media pack for blog stats here.