Make do with what you've got
How to Live on a Budget Thrifty Food

Meal Plan on a Budget

We’re into week 4 of our money-saving and debt-free journey, and I thought I’d share this week’s meal plan with you. Given my husband’s excessive spend last week, I’ve been desperately trying not to go shopping and have stretched my number two tip for saving on my supermarket bill (actually, I frequently do this, as …

How to save money on your grocery shopping
How to Live on a Budget Money-Saving Thrifty Food

10 Ways to Save on your Supermarket Shop

If you need to cut back and aren’t sure where to start, check out my Top 10 Tips below. A great starting point to help you out with your money saving challenge when it comes to your weekly food shop. Never shop when hungry! 1. Budget Decide on your food budget for each week, and …

Is it easy to become debt-free?
Debt Thrifty Food

Trying to become debt-free – it’s not all plain sailing

I’ve always been a huge advocate of saving money, since I first got myself into debt in my twenties (it was one of those “Hey, Miss, you’re 18 now, have a credit card and go and treat yourself to something nice!” And so it began…). I recall the conversation I had with my bank about …

Budget for the unexpected
Debt How to Live on a Budget Money-Saving

13 Reasons Why We Overspend

Budget. Like it or not, it has to be done. Things like mortgage, rent, utilities, council tax etc, are regular or fixed expenses. We know they’ll be coming out. We allocate a set amount of money to our weekly food shop, and our petrol costs. But what about those unexpected expenses, and those that we don’t think …