What would you do in an emergency?

Last night I was faced with a problematic situation. Not the I-need-to-use-my-emergency-fund type of emergency, but an I-could-be-stuck-here kind of emergency. I had to make a last-minute trip that I was unprepared for. The fuel level in my car decreased faster than expected, and I had to make an emergency trip to the petrol station. …

Get started with mystery shopping
Money-Making Mystery Shopping

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

 Have you ever wondered how to become a mystery shopper? It’s easier than you might think, and you could get started today. There are two mystery shopping companies that I’m currently signed up with, and my favourite is RedWigWam. Since July, I’ve earned £69. This may not sound like a great deal, but one every week/every …

Have a debt-free Christmas
Debt Money-Saving

How to avoid debt this Christmas

Avoid debt this Christmas by focusing on how you can save money AND please all the people. The truth about Christmas and money Many people secretly dread Christmas each year. There’s so much hype; so much pressure. Half a year is geared up towards preparing for the main event. Seasonal produce appears in the shops …

Save money on your phone contract
Debt How to Live on a Budget Money-Saving

Save Money On Your Phone Bill

Part of our debt-free journey involves regular checks on where we can save money, and for the past three months, I’ve been focusing on paying off our mobile phone device plans.   The truth about our phone bills. My phone bill for my iPhone was £33.00 per month, including my o2 device plan (£15 per month) …

Recipes Thrifty Food

Turkey & Mushroom Tagliatelle – a meal for four for less than £5

I’ve been pretty slack with my meal plans these past two weeks; I’ve been too busy having a mammoth house declutter and clean. So I’ve pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants and what we have in when it’s come to making dinners lately, but most of our meals tend to come …

How to make money easily

5 Easy Ways to Make Money

Sometimes, making a little extra money isn’t always easy. Whether you’re already working, managing a family, or your circumstances mean you’re unable to commit to regular employment, it is possible to make a little extra on the side with some effort and commitment. (I’ve dubbed these methods easy because there are no barriers beyond your own limitations, …

Save money on broadband
How to Live on a Budget Money-Saving

Switching broadband providers – what you need to know.

Changing any supplier is something I do consistently at the end of each contract. Here’s my method, put together for you to ensure you can get the best deal for you.   Do you need a package? First off, you need to decide what broadband service you need, and whether you just want broadband or …