The Best Time to Start a Blog
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Why Now is The Best Time to Start a Blog

Yes, it’s tempting to just build a fort and hide until this is all over. Hiding from the fact that everything is different and wondering whether it will ever be the same again. Not knowing what the future holds. But what if you could take control and make your own future, adapting to a new …

Why You Should Get Dressed
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Why You Should Get Dressed and Made Up Today

Yesterday morning I made a decision. Last week, I gave up after 3 days of homeschooling. We spent the rest of the week slumming it, no makeup, and loungewear. We couldn’t go out, so what did it matter? It’s not like we’d be seeing anyone. Who cares what we look like? But by yesterday, I …

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Has Being a Stay-at-Home-Mum Affected Your Confidence?

Staying-at-home to bring up your children is an option that often makes sense. When the cost of childcare outweighs the benefits of working, it’s counter-productive to pay someone else to bring up your child. There are two problems with this, the obvious one being the huge cut in your household income. The other one, is …

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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating This Winter

Sponsored post. Avoid losing money this winter with these smart tricks and tips. Here are 10 ways to save money on your heating.  Colder weather undoubtedly brings the need to crank the heating up, which my husband invariably does, and I have to go around after him turning it back down again. I don’t know …

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

30+ Valentine’s Day Ideas When You’re Skint

Today’s post comes from Helen over at Valentine’s Day is next month and like me, you are looking for romantic Valentine’s date ideas.  For me, Valentine’s Day is about really showing Mr. Budget how much I care, but without compromising our goals for financial freedom, and of course our budget. So my main questions are: …

Junior ISA
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How to Save Into a JISA (Junior ISA)

Today on the blog I’m welcoming Jim Gall, author of Jim has recently left a job in financial services, so he knows his stuff! If you’re looking into savings for your children, this post is perfect. Here’s Jim’s post on how to save into a JISA (Junior ISA). Make the Most of Tax-Free Savings …

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If You Need Extra Money Tern to Mystery Shopping

Sponsored post. The start of a New Year is full of promise and resolution… and an empty bank account. Despite your best intentions, it’s likely you’ve overspent and are facing January skint. But you don’t have to spend the next month or two scraping by. If you need extra money, why not try mystery shopping …