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Money-Saving Goals for November
Money-Making Money-Saving

Money-saving goals: November 2018

Alongside documenting my income streams, I’d like to also share my money-saving/money-making goals. Writing them down for all to see attracts a certain determination and accountability. I want to ensure I meet these goals as best as I can! Above all, these goals need to have a SMART focus – especially when juggling them around …

October income report

October Income Report – Miss Penny Money

I want this debt-free journey to be transparent, so that readers can see genuine progress, and understand that paying off debt does take time – life still goes on and we’re not all super-human. This month I’ve been busy with a few different bits and pieces as mentioned below, so haven’t maximised my earning potential. …

Get started with mystery shopping
Money-Making Mystery Shopping

How to Become a Mystery Shopper

 Have you ever wondered how to become a mystery shopper? It’s easier than you might think, and you could get started today. There are two mystery shopping companies that I’m currently signed up with, and my favourite is RedWigWam. Since July, I’ve earned £69. This may not sound like a great deal, but one every week/every …

How to make money easily

5 Easy Ways to Make Money

Sometimes, making a little extra money isn’t always easy. Whether you’re already working, managing a family, or your circumstances mean you’re unable to commit to regular employment, it is possible to make a little extra on the side with some effort and commitment. (I’ve dubbed these methods easy because there are no barriers beyond your own limitations, …