Welcome to Miss Penny Money. This website is dedicated to helping other women and parents to better manage their money and achieve financial independence. I also share my own journey out of consumer debt. 

I’ve been a stay-at-home mum for 8 years and understand the direct correlation between becoming a parent and a growing lack of self-worth. The feeling of having no income of your own. Being knocked back from employers as a result of becoming a mother. 

Money and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. I’ve seen (and experienced) the damaging effects and negative consequences that debt and poor money management can have.  

I’m also an eternal optimist. I want to inspire others like me to make a better life for themselves while learning to manage their money effectively.

You’ll find information on saving money, making money, how to get out of debt, recipe ideas, business ideas, self-improvement ideas and family/parenting-related posts.

The Story Behind The Blog

My husband used to work shifts. For us, the cost of childcare always outweighed the reward of being paid to work for someone else. So we chose to live our life as a single-income family. It wasn’t easy. I missed having my own income and my independence, and money was always tight.

I did go back to work a handful of times, but each time it was too much. Juggling it all while my husband worked nights and weekends was a struggle. It affected my mental and physical health.

Also, working full time to pay someone else to bring up my children made no sense. So instead, I wrote novels during stolen free time and focused on my kids and getting by. The first few years were tight, but we managed.

Eventually, our household income went up. But of course, so did our spending, and subsequently our consumer debt. You know the type. Affordable monthly repayments. Car finance deals.

But one day in July 2018, I decided I didn’t want to live a life on credit anymore. I wanted more for my family and me. I wanted money to call my own. So, my journey to become debt-free and financially independent began.

Since then, I’ve discovered lots of different ways to make money to help us on our journey. It has cemented my theory that with the right will and determination, it is totally possible to earn money. While looking after a family, on YOUR terms.

Now, I have the opportunity to do what I love. Writing, creating AND looking after my family without anyone missing out on anything. I’m totally in charge of my own life. I also love Mystery Shopping tasks, which are brilliant for boosting confidence and getting you out of the house.

Work With Me

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