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Why I Want Someone Else to Look After My Bills

Look after my bills

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It’s hard work, isn’t it? Keeping on top of personal finance and making sure you’re saving money. You want to ensure you’re not overpaying. Yet finding the time to switch and save is like taking an audience-free toilet break when you have small children. (It’s pretty challenging). I’m with you there, and sometimes I just wish someone else could look after my bills for me. 

I can’t ask my husband (it would be disastrous), and there’s no-one else in the house to do it. Now that both my children are in school I’m working hard on growing two businesses and getting out of debt. And doing everything else that the primary caregiver seems to have the responsibility for. 

Time is scarce, and my energy is waning.

Thankfully there is a FREE energy switching service called (wait for it)… Look After My Bills. It’s as though our prayers have been answered, and here’s why.

Finding the Time to Organise Finances 

You have a family, a job and a house to run. Finding the time to sit down and compare gas and electricity deals isn’t easy. 

Of course, there are price comparison websites to help you along the way. But it’s another administrative task for you to add to your ever-growing To-Do list. Provided you remember to do it before being automatically placed onto a more expensive tariff when your agreement ends.

Look After My Bills can do that for you. But, there’s more.

Save Money on Bills Automatically – Without Doing the Work

You know yourself the effort involved in getting a great deal AND good customer service. Too cheap and you might compromise on the service level. It’s no good going for the cheapest only to get stressed dealing with your new energy provider.

Look After My Bills continually monitor the customer service levels of the suppliers they work with. So when they switch you to the best deal, you can be assured of good value AND good service.

When you first sign up, Look After My Bills will find you a great deal. They’ll email you to let you know about it, and arrange the switch. You don’t need to do anything. You have 14 days to review it, and if they don’t hear from you, they’ll switch you automatically. When your current agreement ends, they’ll do the same thing again.

Hassle-Free Bill Management

Let’s face it, energy switching is a hassle. You’re busy, and it’s another job you could do without.

But as a fierce money-saver, you want to know you’re in safe hands.

Look After My Bills received FIVE offers from BBC’s Dragon’s Den and signed with two, making history. Now that inspires massive confidence!

The service is completely free.

There’s no more wasting time scrolling through price comparison sites. No more entering your details time and time again.

It takes just TWO minutes to sign up.

Is There a Catch?

I like to investigate things fully before recommending anything. The first thing I want to know is if I’ll be tied into a contract with Look After My Bills looking after my bills.

The answer is no.

If you want to cancel the service, you can do so at any time. Simply email with CANCELLATION in the subject line. Then, it’ll be back to you to manage your own energy bills.

But really, if someone is going to do it for free, why would you?

Do yourself a favour and save yourself money, time and hassle.

Sign up to Look After My Bills here.

When you sign up, you’ll be asked to enter your direct debit details. This is so that when they find your best deal they can pass them on to the energy provider for you. Look After My Bills won’t ever charge you anything, they’ll simply Look After Your Bills for you.

Sign up here to get great deals forever.

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