Why Smart People Will Earn Money With 20 Cogs

earn money with 20 cogs

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It takes more than simple signups to earn money with 20 cogs. 20cogs have an average payout of £200, have been rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot, and have a total payout figure of £1,800,000 to date. Basically, you get paid for completing offers and signing up for trials. You can cash out once you’ve completed all 20cogs (competitions, offers, games and surveys), hence the name.

It’s not difficult to earn money with 20cogs, but there are some things you should be aware of in order to make your ride smoother and to be able to cash out. Basically, it pays to be organised. Read on to find out about any hiccups and what you can do to overcome them.

Don’t Be Disorganised

If you want to be able to cash out, you need to be organised. Trying to complete too many offers in one day and not tracking them will cause frustration. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Set up a dedicated email address for your new offers. You will get follow up emails from the trials you’ve signed up for (until you’re free to cancel them – check the terms of the cog), and probably won’t want them clogging up your inbox.
  • List each offer you complete in a dedicated notebook or section of a notebook. Note the date you started the offer and the reward you should receive when complete.
  • Take a screenshot of the confirmation for each offer you complete, such as an email confirmation. Save them in a dedicated folder on your computer (called “20cogs” as an example). Have it ready for if you need to move a cog’s status along with the helpdesk.
  • Track your progress by checking the colour status of your cogs. Grey means it’s waiting to track (similar to when you use a cashback site for purchases). Amber means it has tracked. Green means it’s confirmed by the retailer. Once all 20 cogs are green, you can cash out.
  • Contact the helpdesk if your Cog is still grey or amber after the stated time. At the top of each offer, there will be an indication of how long it takes to track and/or confirm (see below). Raise a ticket and provide your screenshot as proof.
  • Aim for completing one to two offers a day to keep things simple.

What If You Can’t Complete Some of the Offers?

This is a situation you may come across, if you’re already signed up with some retailers or have already completed trials, as I experienced.

For example, I already have an account with Ladbrokes from matched betting, which I’d forgotten about. Despite using a different email address, they recognised my DOB and address and froze the new account, so that offer wasn’t available for me to complete.

I also can’t sign up with Amazon Prime as I already have an account. Given my experience with Ladbrokes I didn’t bother trying a different email address as I’ll already be registered with Amazon at my home address.

Then there’s signing up to Look After My Bills, which offers a £22 reward! Sadly, they couldn’t help me as I was already on a cheaper tariff (and I fully appreciated their honesty).

So, what can you do? If an offer isn’t the right one for you, simply click on “Give me a new offer”.

Some of the offers will require a small payment in return for a trial (such as the £1 Which? trial, or £3 Simply Cook trial), so you’ll need to take that into account when working out your actual reward.

20 Cogs: My Progress So Far

Just to give you an example, these are the cogs I’ve completed/waiting to track/confirm so far, in cog order (you can also see these in the screenshot above):

  1. Short Survey about me – GREEN (£5 confirmed)
  2. Sign up to LifePoints Surveys – GREEN (£5 confirmed)
  3. Readly 1 month trial for 99p – AMBER (£7 pending)
  4. Which? 1 month trial for £1 – AMBER (£6 pending)
  5. GoHenry 1 month free trial – GREY (not tracked yet, raised with helpdesk)
  6. Sign up to GFK Media survey site – GREY (£2 pending)
  7. First Graze box for £1 – AMBER (£4.50 pending)
  8. Sign up to Voice UK – GREY (not tracked yet, raised with helpdesk)
  9. Simply Cook £3 trial – GREY (not tracked yet, raised with helpdesk)
  10. Sign up to Lottoland deposit £1.50 for 1 lotto entry and 10 scratchcards (I won £2.40 on this so hoping I can cash it out once I’ve checked the lotto results) – AMBER (£6 pending)
  11. Join Kerching – AMBER (£1 pending)
  13. Amazon Music free trial – not yet signed up to but intend to (we already have Amazon Prime Music and it’s the perfect opportunity to earn money for trialling the Unlimited Music Service).

Update: All of the COGS to date (July 2020) have turned green, as you can see from the screenshot below. To date, I’ve earned £73.50. I will be able to cash out once I’ve completed all 20 cogs.

20 cogs green

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In a nutshell, if you’re smart and start your 20cogs journey with an organised mindset, it’s totally possible to make money with this website. I hope this information has provided you with all the hints, tips, and data you need to enable you to earn money with 20 cogs.

If you need any further information, see the links to previous posts below on everything you need to know about 20cogs. Come back soon for an update on how much I earned from completing all 20 cogs!

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Earn money with 20 cogs

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