How to Make Money with 20 Cogs

How to make money with 20 cogs

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I’m into my 2nd week of trialling 20 cogs, a site made up of Competitions, Offers, Games and Surveys. You can read about my progress in week 1 here. I only completed a couple of offers in my first week due to it being Christmas/New Year. Read on to discover the progress I’ve made, as I’m sharing any issues I’ve had including resolutions and tips. Here are my tips on how to make money with 20cogs.

Week 2 – Earnings So Far

20cogs have an average payout of £200, and have paid out over £1,800,000 to date. They’re rated 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot. In my first week I made £15, which was made up of a welcome bonus, a brief survey about me to tailor the offers, and my first offer.

I’ve since signed up for four more offers: 

  • Readly free trial: £7 reward PENDING
  • LottoGo (2 lotto lines for 50p) – QUERY, see below
  • Which? £1 trial: £6 reward PENDING
  • Go Henry 1 month trial: £10 reward NOT YET TRACKED

Here’s a screenshot of these earnings so far: 

how to earn money with 20 cogs


You can see from here that the offer I completed for Cog 5 (Go Henry) hasn’t cleared yet, which means the cog is still grey, as indicated in the screenshot below. (Once an offer is tracked, it turns Amber for Pending. Once it’s confirmed, it turns Green).

There’s also another offer which I completed for cog number 4, which was to sign up to Lotto Go with an offer to play 2 lines on Cash4Life for 50p. I’m not one for gambling, so 50p is a reasonable outlay for a reward which I think was £8. There was an issue with this one though, which I’ll go into below. 


20 cogs
Go Henry offer still grey – waiting for it to change to pending

Total amount earned so far: £28 (not including Go Henry offer). Update: As at July 2020, all of my cogs are green and my earnings so far are £73.50. I’m yet to complete all 20 cogs due to taking a hiatus. See image below. 

20 cogs green

When There’s a Problem: How to Contact 20 Cogs Help Desk

When I clicked through to sign up for Lotto Go (cog number 4), the offer on the site wasn’t the same as advertised on 20 cogs. On returning to 20 cogs, the offer had changed to a different lottery company. 

In order to resolve this issue, I contacted the help desk. You need to actually select the FAQ that most closely matches your issue, and if this doesn’t resolve your query, you can raise a ticket. As I deposited 50p and am unable to complete the offer that was advertised, I’ve raised a ticket to ask them to look into this.

My 20 Cogs Tips for Making Life Easier

When first starting out with 20 cogs, it would be easy to just click everything, but I’d suggest being a bit more strategic.

  1. Use a dedicated email address. You’re going to need to enter your email address for these trials, so create a dedicated one for 20 cogs AND offers to stay organised.
  2. Make a List. The first thing I would suggest is to make a list of all of the offers you complete together with the cog number. You are able to complete more than one offer per cog, and so you’ll want to keep a log of it all in case there are any issues with tracking your sign-up. 
  3. Take screenshots. Every time you complete an offer / sign up to something, take a screenshot of your confirmation. You’ll need this in case you need to contact the help desk.
  4. Diarise trial end dates. After signing up for free or nominal offers, make a note in your diary to cancel your trial to avoid being charged.
  5. Choose your offers carefully. When choosing your offers, try to choose those that you think will benefit you in some way. For example, Go Henry is a great option as I can use this for my daughter. Which? is also great for me as I can use this for research for client work. 

Make Money With 20 Cogs

You can sign up to 20 cogs here. Use the above tips to help your experience run smoothly and be on your way to make a nice sum of money with 20 cogs!

Click here to read about my third week of trialling 20 cogs.


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