What is 20 Cogs?

What is 20 cogs?

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I’ve seen 20 Cogs mentioned a few times in the money community. As I’m on a mission to pay off £12K in 12 months, I thought it was time I checked it out. They have an average payout of £200, with a total payout figure of £1,800,000+. They also have a 4.5/5 star rating on TrustPilot; so far so good. I’ll be publishing one blog post per week throughout January, so you can check my progress and see if it’s something you’d also like to sign up for to earn some extra money. So, what is 20 Cogs?

What is 20 Cogs? 


20 cogs is a website where you complete signup offers of your choice, enter competitions, and take part in surveys and games. You earn a payout for each task you complete. From this perspective, I would say it’s very similar to how cashback sites work

There’s no cost to sign up, but there is some work involved in completing the offers. 

What Do You Have Do on 20 Cogs?

So far as I can see, you earn money for signing up for free trials of various products or services. If you don’t like the look of one offer, you can choose another one.

I’ve signed up for a LifePointsPanel survey account (a survey site which I had before but had forgotten about, so I’ve opened one up with a new email address). I also intend to sign up for the HAYU free trial. HAYU is a TV service which we can access through our Amazon Fire TV stick (you can also access it through Apple TV or download the HAYU app to watch TV on the go).

While it’s a free trial, there’s one thing that’s glaringly obvious for money-savers, which is that I’ll need to get organised and ensure I set myself a calendar/reminders to cancel the subscription at the end of the free trials to avoid being charged.

How Much I’ve Earned in 2 Days

I received a £5 bonus for signing up, I have £5 for signing up with LifePointsPanel and completing a survey, and there’s £5 for filling in a little survey about me.

Total so far, £15.

When I sign up to HAYU, that’ll be £20. From what I can see, the amount of money you earn depends on the offer you decide to complete.

The cogs work on a traffic light basis; once your sign up has been confirmed, the cog turns green. While writing this post, the LifePointsPanel cog went from amber (pending) to green (confirmed). 

what is 20 cogs
2nd cog pending (amber)
20 cogs confirmed
2nd cog confirmed (green)

If you’d like to sign up and try this for yourself, you’ll receive a £5 welcome bonus through my affiliate link, a great starting point!

Where Can You Sign Up?

Click here to sign up and claim your £5 welcome bonus. I’d recommend setting up a separate email address for 20 Cogs and for all the offers you decide to complete. There will likely be a few messages coming through which you don’t want clogging up your inbox. 

You’ll need to complete a short survey about yourself and choose which types of offers you want. You can start earning straight away. However, you can’t actually cash out until you’ve got 20 Green (confirmed) cogs. Click here to read about my progress in week 2

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