How You Can Earn Extra Online to Repay Debt

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Today I’m welcoming blogger and writer Good Nelly onto the blog to share her take on earning online to help pay off debt, or put towards extra savings. Thank you for taking the time to write this post, Good Nelly! Miss Penny 🙂

When the question is about paying back debt, an extra pound always helps. But, how will you earn more? One of the best ways is to do an extra online job at your suitable time.

You can choose a job that you like doing and can use your leisure time to earn extra money.

There are a number of such extra earning opportunities available online.

But, before we talk about suitable online job opportunities, let’s have a look at how such a job can help us.

As I have already mentioned, it helps to pay off debt. When you earn more, you can repay your debts without having to make extra room in your budget.

By earning extra, you can stop living paycheck to paycheck and thus avoiding debt.

If you’re struggling to deposit money in your emergency fund or retirement account, an extra online job can help you do so with ease. It can even help you to retire early, to some extent.

You can simply keep this money in a savings account and fulfill your wants from time to time without putting extra pressure on your budget.

By doing an extra online job, you can meet your necessities even if you become unemployed for sometime.

Now, let’s have a look at some extra online job opportunities:

Refer your friends to earn pounds

While browsing online, have you come across such statements as ‘refer and earn’? Yes, most of us have seen this at some time. This is exactly what you can do and earn pounds.

It goes like this. You like something (a product or a service) and refer your friends to avail the same. When anyone (whom you referred) signs up for it, you earn a commission.

You may refer friends and get a significant cash reward as a referral bonus from the company you’re referring to.  

You can expect about £5 for every referral, though the amount may differ from one website to another.

Join a free affiliate program

You can join an affiliate program of your choice and earn commission on sign-ups. What you have to do is advertise your client’s services to others. You will have to place an advertisement on your website. When a person visits your client’s website by clicking on the link on your website and purchases something or takes services, you earn a commission.

So, you can earn even when you’re not working. Just your affiliate links will help you earn that extra pounds.

Start blogging

You must have heard that blogging can help you earn extra money. You can follow the most popular way; that is, placing advertisements on your website. You can contact advertisers or the advertisers may ask you to place their ads on your website. You can sell such ads in the form of links, buttons or banners.

As already mentioned, you can also put affiliate links on your website and earn extra pounds.

Become an online tutor

Many of us, at some point, have thought of becoming a teacher. Am I right? This is because there’s so much joy and satisfaction in helping someone learn something.

If you have the required qualification and are eligible to work in the UK, you can teach online to earn a good amount of extra cash.

Online tutors are usually very much in demand during exam time.

So, if required, if you have the passion to teach, earn the required degree and start teaching online.

Doing so, you can be a great help to others, too.

Fill out online surveys

What can be the best earning opportunity than giving your opinion and earn in return? Yes, it’s possible, by participating in online surveys.

The research companies recruit new members from all over the world to answer various surveys and also to test new products. You can expect about £5 for participating in an online survey.

It is better if you have a separate e-mail account for participating in such surveys. This is because there’s a possibility that you’ll get spam e-mails when you participate in such surveys.

And, before you participate, know very well how you’ll get the cash back or any rewards mentioned.

Review websites and earn

Everyone looks for feedback. Tell me, when you dress up for a special occasion, you’re eager to hear appreciations. When we do something, we look forward to constructive criticism as well.

Website owners also look forward to this. So, give your valuable feedback and earn pounds in return.

A review may take as less as 3 minutes, and you can earn about £5 per review.

Browse online to select such websites that are waiting for your feedback.

Browse websites and earn

Yes, you can earn by simply searching the internet? Exciting, right? Yes, there are companies who want to know how people browse the internet and pay to know that. You can even watch videos and earn money in return.

However, you’ll have to choose a good and reputed company for this online earning strategy.

Now, how can this extra income help to repay debt? Well, you can use this amount to repay your dues. Also, use this amount to stay current on your personal loans or secured debts like a home loan or a car loan.

However, avoid overspending at any cost. You are investing your valuable time for an extra online job. So, spend your money with care. Do not become a spendthrift just because you’re having some extra cash in your hands.

I want to conclude by saying that you can also look for other ways to earn a little extra. Like, you can sell your unwanted stuff, rent extra space in your home like extra garage space or spare room, and so on.

A small piece of advice; look for a job that you love doing. It will help you relax as well as earn a significant amount of money.

Author’s Bio: Good Nelly loves to analyze the day-to-day financial happenings along with critically analyzing the changing rules of credit, debt, insurance, mortgage, etc. related matters. She loves to share her analysis with others thus helping people to understand the exact scenario. She also maintains a blog My Way Of Viewing where she writes about her experiences.

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