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Why Now is The Best Time to Start a Blog

The Best Time to Start a Blog

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Yes, it’s tempting to just build a fort and hide until this is all over. Hiding from the fact that everything is different and wondering whether it will ever be the same again. Not knowing what the future holds. But what if you could take control and make your own future, adapting to a new way of living? Now is the BEST time to start a blog, and here’s why. 

You Need an Outlet

If you’ve ever written a journal before, you’ll know how therapeutic writing can be. And at the moment, you need an outlet. Times are scary and uncertain, and you need to be able to make sense of it all. Whether that’s by finding somewhere to share your challenges on homeschooling, or a place to tell the world about the crazy new ways you’ve found to keep each other sane, blogging is a great platform to do this. 

People Need Entertaining

In a strange new world, people still want content. In fact, I’d like to bet that most people don’t want to read the news or the latest fear-inducing updates in the world right now. What they need is content to make them laugh. Content that resonates with them. If you have something in common with your readers, they can totally identify with you and bonds will form.

Being stuck indoors while feeling scared is horrible. We need to know that there can still be some semblance of “normal”, especially when we don’t know if we’ll ever get back to “normal” again. We need to know that other people are experiencing the exact same problems as everyone else, so that we don’t feel quite so alone anymore. 

Combat Loneliness

If you can help someone else feel sane in today’s unsettled times with your own crazy ramblings, you’ll be onto a winner. Sharing your experiences with others in the same boat as you is exactly what the world needs right now. We need to know that behind closed doors, there are others out there who feel exactly the same way. We need to connect with others, in a time when our usual social connections are cut off. 

This Won’t Last Forever

Eventually, we will get back to some sort of normal. Whether we learn to adapt to doing things slightly differently, or we get back to how things were before this global crisis, this chaos and craziness won’t last forever. 

And while you’ve been working in the background, documenting your journey, sharing your experiences, putting a different spin on things and trying to keep life as normal as possible, you’ll have developed a great content bank. 

And Google loves content. So do brand sponsors. More quality, relevant content for your intended audience = more traffic. More ad impressions. More affiliate sales. More money.

That’s why now is the best time to start a blog

So be the breath of fresh air your peers need right now. Go off and share your experiences, and see where it might lead. 

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