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Why You Should Get Dressed and Made Up Today

Why You Should Get Dressed

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Yesterday morning I made a decision. Last week, I gave up after 3 days of homeschooling. We spent the rest of the week slumming it, no makeup, and loungewear. We couldn’t go out, so what did it matter? It’s not like we’d be seeing anyone. Who cares what we look like? But by yesterday, I needed a game plan. The kids need stability. So I set out to plan for the week ahead, as I’d originally intended last week before it all went to pot. Here’s why you should get up and get dressed, and make the best of the week indoors.

Safety First, But Wellbeing Matters

Your safety comes first, but your mental health and wellbeing are also paramount. While we’re on lockdown, we might not be able to leave the house except for essentials, but life goes on. The children still need to learn, and they need structure. They need consistency. They need bath time and regular bedtime. So while last week was chaotic for everyone, today is a new normal. 

Regular Routine Helps You Plan Better

If you know what you’ve got coming up, you know what you need to plan for. You can get the children’s school work prepared the day before, decide when break time and lunchtime should be, and when will be the best time to fit leisure and quiet time in. 

You know your children and yourself better than anyone, and you know what works. 

It will also help you to plan what to eat, using what you’ve got available and making sure everyone gets a balanced diet every day. 

Day Accomplished? Now Treat Yourself

When you’ve achieved what you set out to do, you have a sense of accomplishment. And at the end of the working day, you get a reward. Whether that be switching on the TV after a hard day of learning, or pouring a glass of wine to signify the end of the working day, it’s a great way to feel normal in the strange world we find ourselves in. 

If you’ve been in all day, take this now as an opportunity to get outside for some fresh air and exercise (be sure to keep 2m apart from others). The space away from the home breaks up the day, and when you come back, it’s like coming home. 

So pop the dinner on, put your feet up, and congratulate yourself on getting through. 

Things are unsettling right now, but we adapt. We will get through this, and we will emerge stronger, and more resilient. So get up, get dressed, and make the most of the coming weeks.

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