30+ Valentine’s Day Ideas When You’re Skint

Cheap Valentines Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is next month and like me, you are looking for romantic Valentine’s date ideas. 

For me, Valentine’s Day is about really showing Mr. Budget how much I care, but without compromising our goals for financial freedom, and of course our budget.

So my main questions are: – 

What can I do for Valentine’s day for cheap? 

What can I do for Valentine’s day that is free?

But what could you do as a couple, when you value romance over money?

The answer is that are plenty of things you can do to show your other half how much you care, without breaking the bank. 

Here are a few of the cutest Valentine’s day ideas that I have found, or we have loved in the past.

Make Dinner Together

One of the best romantic date night ideas, in my opinion, is making dinner together. Agree on what your favourite dinner is and enjoy making it together. What makes you both feel warm and cosy? Use seasonal vegetables that you can buy cheaply from the local market. Have a lovely warm drink afterwards. You could make it more special by setting the table with lit candles and turning the lights down.

Buy Some Fun Underwear

There’s nothing better than to surprise your other half with some new sexy underwear. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or uncomfortable, but one idea could be to surprise them with it on one evening you are spending in. People love spontaneity don’t they? I personally love Oysho. Their bodysuits are so sexy. (I am not an affiliate for them)


Another cheap romantic date idea would be to give your partner a full body massage, and run them a nice warm bath to relax in after. Buy a beautiful oil to massage with.

Movie Night

Buy a copy or rent online your partner’s favourite movie, or it could even be a Christmas classic, you both enjoy. Stock up on your favourite movie snacks and drinks. Settle down on the couch under a warm throw, and just purely enjoy relaxing in each other’s company.

An alternative idea would be to have a box set marathon!

Take a Romantic Stroll

Another romantic thing to do in winter, would be to take a stroll around your local park. It’s great just to get out and have some fresh air, especially as you could potentially have quite a busy schedule. 

Quiet time, walking around and chatting about the past, future and relaxing in each other’s company is always fantastic at this time of year.  

It would also work as a romantic date, if you have a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Eat Breakfast in Bed 

One romantic idea could be treating the special person in your life to breakfast in bed. Maybe make something that is just a bit different and a treat for you both. 

Have a Carpet Banquet

Another thing on my list of fun things to do at home with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a ‘Carpet Banquet’. This is our word for buying either a takeaway or supermarket Chinese meals/starters and arranging them on the living room floor like a buffet. 

It’s amazingly simple and inexpensive, but me and Mr. Budget started this when we originally had no money to spare at all. 

We love doing this even now, because it is about enjoying each other’s company and sharing food. 

It’s such a special, romantic thing to do at home, even if you have kids in bed and the baby sitter cancels.

Recreate your first date

Reminisce and find out which date your other half most enjoyed – could you set it up again and relive the lovely memories? 

Try other Outdoor Activities – Inside

if you enjoy a variety of sports, you could climb an indoor climbing wall or try an indoor skydive such as Ifly.

These are the perfect experiences to be able to look back on at laugh about in the future and also you get to try things that could be out of your comfort zone, but together!

Open Air Ice Skating

You could try open air ice skating. Even if you guys spend all evening clinging to each other, or the side of the rink, what could be a better way of having a giggle. Afterwards, you could enjoy a warm coffee, cuddled up together on the sofa of a coffee shop.

Get active – go Sledging or Skiing or Snowboarding

This of course, depends on where you live. In the UK, when it snows enough to get out sledging, this the perfect idea for a fun winter date with your other half. It gets you active, having fun, talking about memories of childhood. Afterwards you could make homemade hot chocolate, to warm up. Manchester, for example has ChillFactorE, where you could experience luging, snowboarding or skiing. Book early, to reserve your winter date as these activities centres are extremely popular.

Treat Yourself to a Coffee in Town and People Watch

Me and Mr Budget indulge in this simple pleasure every week, but in the holidays we particularly enjoy chatting about the people we see. We make up their life stories, and just love appreciating all the different people we see. Trust me, this never gets boring – particularly with a big town!

Go to a Quiz Night Together

Another fun thing to do in winter, is to test your wits in a quiz. 

I was pleasantly surprised at exactly how much useless information Mr Budget actually knew. It also got us chatting about the questions we were asked – I felt like I got to know him so much better and all in a few nights quizzing. Plus, it was so funny because he loves to whisper silly comments to me, to try to make me laugh, when everyone is soo serious! Try it, you will find it hilarious!

Spend the Day With Someone Who Hasn’t Got a Valentine

I’m throwing this in the mix. Maybe you could take out your dad or family member, who hasn’t got a Valentine. Take them out for dinner or watch a box set together and make it about together time. 

Sometimes Valentine’s becomes so pressured doesn’t it – maybe it’s about sharing companionship, so no-one is alone. 

What else can I do for Valentine’s day for cheap? 

Extra Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. Go for a takeaway, hit the town and have a couple of drinks in your favourite bars.
  2. Spend it in bed!
  3. Go to a comedy show – Some local theatres or local amateur dramatic societies have cheap tickets.
  4. Host a pot luck – Get two other couples to join you and all bring you favourite crock pot dish, for a shared dinner.
  5. Have a traditional board game night.
  6. Rearrange one of your rooms at home – try out a new arrangement of furniture and accessories.
  7. Role play – wear costumes!
  8. Go for a midnight walk or bike ride around your local area.
  9. Plan a scavenger hunt for each other, with special notes at each stopping point.
  10. Go out for a breakfast date – this is something me and Mr Budget will definitely do! We love a traditional cooked breakfast, served in one of Darwen’s finest cafes.
  11. Take a short spa together – shop around – spas will do a valentine’s package that works out cheaper
  12. Get the Karma Sutra out and have lots of fun!
  13. Go down on a trip down memory lane
  14. Take a bath together
  15. Cook dinner together and dress up as if you are going out for dinner.
  16. Write a handwritten letter all about what you love about each other.
  17. Have your favourite dessert treat in bed, along with your favourite comedy boxset – ours would be ‘Frasier’ – we never get tired of watching it!

In conclusion

Valentine’s day can be quite a pressure, to get things right and to show the special person in your life that you really care. 

Have a great time and let me know how you survived on your budget. 

Comment below on your ideas for budget Valentine’s day date ideas. 

Guest Writer – Helen

Helen is also a UK money blogger and mainly writes about budgeting on a modest income and how you can get out of debt. Her blog is always updated with new ways to save and make money. Thank you, Helen, for these ideas, to help us plan our Valentine’s day 2020! 


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