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The start of a New Year is full of promise and resolution… and an empty bank account. Despite your best intentions, it’s likely you’ve overspent and are facing January skint. But you don’t have to spend the next month or two scraping by. If you need extra money, why not try mystery shopping with Tern? Read on to find out who Tern are, what sort of work is involved, and how much you might earn.

Is Mystery Shopping Legit?

Yes, mystery shopping is 100% legitimate and is a great way to earn some extra money. Mystery shopping can be done by the following:

  • Students
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Employed individuals
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Anyone! 

As a mystery shopper, companies need you to pose as a genuine shopper and test certain requirements. These can range from criteria that the shop, or sales assistant, should adhere to, to customer service and cleanliness/presentation of a retail outlet.

The great thing about it is that you can choose when you want to complete available assignments around your own existing commitments. 

Students can complete missions around their studies, parents can complete missions at a time that suits them. If you work full-time, you could complete a mission on your way home from work, or at the weekend.

Who are Tern Mystery Shopping?

Tern Mystery Shopping understands that as a student or a stay-at-home mum or dad, you need to find work that you can fit around your own schedule. With flexible working in such high-demand, mystery shopping companies are working hard to bridge the gap and bring brands and customers together with a solution for both parties. 

Tern has been trading for over 30 years. The staff are super-friendly, it’s a flexible company and they have a nice easy-to-use system for finding jobs and submitting reports. Payments are made weekly, and you should receive your payment within 7 days once you have completed and submitted your assignment.

What Sort of Jobs Might I Have With Mystery Shopping?

Jobs can range from trying on clothes to carrying out a mobile phone enquiry. The range is huge, and it’s a great way to get out of the house and increase your confidence. Other tasks might include assessing a store’s cleanliness and customer service. Or you might check that a grocery store is complying with underage testing for purchasing alcohol. You could also get paid to order and enjoy a meal, in return for a report on order time and general service levels. 

How Much Money Can I Earn With Mystery Shopping?

With Tern, the pay is good. I recently completed a mystery visit to a mobile phone company which paid £17, and the call took less than an hour of my time. In my area, there’s currently a requirement for a contact lens assessment at a well-known optician, paying £35. Unfortunately for me, I don’t wear contact lenses! How much you earn really depends on the job you are doing and how many you can complete in a week

You could easily make £200 extra a month if you complete one mystery shopping call 5 days a week at an average payout of £10 per call. Some are better paid than this, so there is potential to make more.

Where Can I Sign Up?

As January is such a tight month, now is the perfect time to get signed up with Tern. I personally recommend them as a company who are friendly and super-easy to deal with.

Even with your best intentions to budget well and cash-flow Christmas, there’s always the desire for more money. Sign up now to Tern and start earning some extra money

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