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Go Wild and Spend £0: The Natural History Museum

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I don’t do New Years’ resolutions. No-one ever sticks to them, despite best intentions. I do, however, want to make a more conscious effort to spend more time with our little family and create memories that will last. When money is tight and you’re on a budget, the obvious choice is to look for things to do for free, or very little. So we decided to visit our local natural history museum, which cost us the grand total of zero! 

Travel Costs Plus Activity

Actually, that’s not strictly true, as we did use fuel to get there, which cost us £10. I also purchased two trail finder maps for the kids, which were only £1 each and they got a prize at the end. 

Entry to the Natural History Museum is free, and you can be assured of a grand display of a number of exhibits. If your kids think the idea of a museum sounds boring, and they’d rather go to the zoo, they have the best of both worlds. Displays feature all kinds of history relating to our world and the wonders it has given us. 

Our girls really enjoyed looking at all the different animals, some extinct, some endangered, and some still very common today. They loved the adventure of finding the hidden treasure from their trail maps and ticking them off as they went, and they got to do some colouring at the end which they chose to take home and keep.

Find Your Local Natural History Museum

It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours with your family for very little cost. 

Depending on which museum you visit, you might discover dinosaurs in London, or dressed fleas at Tring. There’s a series of museums dotted around the UK, and you can find your closest one from a quick google search.

Pack a picnic, or have lunch before you go (unless you’re planning a full day out). You can easily spend a couple of hours, if not more, reading about and discovering the wonders of the world, for free. 

While entry is free, donations are gratefully received to help continue the wonderful work these institutions do in order to provide us and our future generations with excellent education and entertainment, for next-to-nothing.


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