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Ikea Hyllestad Mattress Review

Ikea Mattress Review

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Looking for a new mattress? Read on before you decide to buy one from Ikea. They’re great value, but if you need really good support, your chosen mattress could turn out to be a false economy. Here’s my review of the Ikea Hyllestad double mattress.

Using Our Emergency Fund

Some of you may remember that I used some of our emergency fund to buy a new mattress. Things were getting desperate; my husband and I were waking up each morning with pain and back spasms. So it was pretty much an emergency.

As we’re on a journey to become debt-free, the idea was to choose a new mattress to replace our current Ikea one which we’d bought 4 years previous.

The Hamarvik mattress had lost its support and was sallow, leaving visible sag marks where we slept. It lasted four years, so we decided it should be ok to buy another one to tide us over for a couple of years. Just until we could afford a new bed once our debt is all paid off.

The Ikea Hovag Mattress

I’d previously bought the Hovag medium for my daughter and it’s so comfy, but we were worried this one might be too soft as a double, so we ordered it in the firm.

While I found it to be on the hard side (to be expected), it was ok. Not great, but ok. Except hubby was waking up with back pain. Not a great improvement considering that was our reason for buying a new one.

As the new Hovag mattress continued to cause my husband issues despite it being new, we decided to return it.

Ikea 90-Day Returns Policy

Ikea have a 90-day return policy, where you have the option to return your mattress once. This is provided it’s not damaged or marked and you have the receipt as proof of purchase.

You can either take a credit note, or exchange it for a new one, paying any difference or receiving a refund.

It’s a great option if your replacement mattress is one you’re happy with, but you can only do it once.

Our New Choice: The Hyllestad Mattress

We opted for the Hyllestad in medium firm, and paid the £70 difference. While the Hovag has been firm, the reviews for the Hyllestad said the firm mattress was like a rock. The product description reads:

“A heavenly combination of individually-wrapped pocket springs that follow your movements and magical memory foam that moulds to your body for enhanced support and comfort”.

Reviews were mixed, several 5-star stating it was so comfy, including a few saying their back pain had disappeared since buying this mattress. There were a few complaining that the mattress was too hard. But, it’s personal preference and a mattress that is too soft can be just as bad. But a mattress that’s allegedly a higher-quality and more expensive should be better than the one you’ve got, right?


We’ve had the mattress test in both Dreams and Bensons for Beds who will advise you on the best type of mattress for you, based on pressure points and preferred sleeping position. In both stores our results suggested we would be best to choose a medium, to medium-firm, mattress.

Ikea Hyllestad Mattress Review: The Verdict

We had the replacement Hyllestad mattress for just 5 nights. It caused me terrible sciatica that worsened with each day.

At first it was a niggle, only now it’s catching me out when I’m trying to do every day stuff. I’m waking up in pain at night, so it’s affecting my sleep.

The Hyllestad mattress is the only thing I can attribute the pain to, as nothing else has changed since swapping the mattress. I haven’t injured myself and the pain started after our second night.

I thought it felt quite firm when I lay on it the first night, but you need to give the mattress a few days to get used to it. Ikea advise that a new mattress can feel quite firm for the first couple of weeks.

But I’m sure a good mattress shouldn’t be causing sciatic pain which worsens with each passing day and night.

Problem Worsened, More Expense Required

I’m gutted. Not only have I used money from our emergency fund, we can’t send this one back as we’ve already used our 90-day exchange.

We’re now going to have to fork out another £400 – £600 for a decent mattress, which we don’t have.

I used to be a fan (this is the 6th mattress I have bought from Ikea). But now I feel that Ikea mattresses are a false economy.

While good value, they don’t last very long. They’re wonderful as single mattresses. But if you want a double or king-sized mattress, I’d strongly advise you to go elsewhere. Preferably to a specialist mattress supplier.

Do you have any mattress recommendations for one twisted male spine and one mama who’s borne three children? Please let me know in the comments below!

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