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How to Make Money with Cashback Sites

Make money with cashback

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When I mention cashback sites and how they work to friends and family, I’m often met with a blank look. Sometimes there’s an expression of mild fear. I’m always amazed at how few people know that you can earn extra money by switching broadband, or by purchasing your car insurance through cashback sites. If this is new to you, too, let me tell you how you can make money with cashback sites.

My Mum when I told her about cashback sites

What is Cashback?

It’s a bit like a secret club. Those that know, know.

If you don’t, I’ll enlighten you, then you can be in the not-really-a-secret club that can earn you money, too.

Basically, cashback sites earn a commission when you click through their website to an external site and complete a purchase or transaction. Once this transaction is confirmed and tracked via cookies, you get a share of that commission.

If you were to go direct to the supplier, you wouldn’t get that commission.

How Much Money Can You Make with Cashback?

I’ve been using cashback sites for about five years now, and have made over £1,000 since I first discovered it.

My earnings have been through things like switching energy providers, car insurance, boiler cover and broadband switches over the years.


Money I’ve earned via Quidco

There is the potential to earn more, such as through your every day shopping in places like Wilko, Deliveroo or B&Q. This is something I always forget about and need to utilise!

Refer and Earn Money

Okay, it’s not actually a secret. Cashback sites like Quidco and TopCashback want you to spread the word. And as a thank you for sharing, they’ll pay you a bonus for doing so.

What’s the catch? Other than your time to share a referral link, there isn’t one. Your friend discovers how awesome it is to earn money when shopping, and you get a nice little cash reward in return for them signing up and completing a qualifying cashback purchase.

The Secret to Making Money with Cashback

Make Money with Cashback
Ensure you get your cashback by clearing your cookie trail

Before I head on over to a cashback site, I always like to shop around first to make sure I’m getting the best deal. I also check the cashback sites to check whether cashback is being offered with the retailer I have in mind.

When it comes time to complete your purchase, make a point of clearing your cookies. If you leave that breadcrumb trail, your cashback purchase won’t be tracked properly as it won’t be seen as having gone through the cashback site.

Shop and Make Money

As mentioned above, you can earn money on your everyday shopping, which is especially useful if you prefer to shop online.

You can make money with cashback on Amazon purchases or on clothing. For example, if there was something you needed to purchase through Asos, Quidco currently offer up to 8% cashback on purchases.

If you love Groupon, you’ll love the fact that you can get cashback on your Groupon purchases, too! As Groupon is great for finding bargains from products to travel, I call that a win/win.

Start Earning Extra Money Now

If you’d like to sign up via my referral link, I’d be very grateful!

I use both Quidco and TopCashback, but ultimately it’s down to personal preference. You could do as I have done and sign up to both, as there are often different deals for each.

Click the buttons above to sign up and be on your way to adding some extra income to your pots!

How to make money with cashback

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