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Budget Halloween Kids' Party

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Throw a super fun party for your children this Halloween. Are you low on funds? Here’s how to thrill your kids on a budget – and where to find the money.

Like most things, Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still have a great time with your children, especially if they can be involved in the party planning! But how can you have a kids’ Halloween party on a budget?

The following ideas can generally be covered by using bits found around your home. But if you need a bit of a cash boost to get some extras party supplies, read on to the end of this post to discover where you can earn the money.

Halloween Decorations on a Budget

home-made halloween decorations

When you’re throwing a party, no-one said you had to spend a fortune. And when it comes to Halloween and your kids, making your own decorations is half the fun. More so if it means they can be involved, too.

Pom-Pom Spiders

Halloween Spider Craft
Scary Spider Swinging from the door frame! 😱

One of my favourite ‘scary’ crafts has to be the pom-pom spiders we made. Just add some pipe-cleaners and some googly-eyes to simple pom-poms made from black (or any dark colour) wool, and suspend from the ceiling.

Halloween Cauldron

We also made a Halloween cauldron like this one from Activity Village, which looked fantastic hanging over the table while the kids had their spooky Halloween tea party! This was made using papier mache over a balloon and a couple of pipe-cleaners added as the handle.

Shredded cotton wool spilling over the top of the cauldron is really effective, too.

Halloween witches' cauldron craft
Witches’ Cauldron dangling above the Halloween Tea Party

Halloween Bats Decorations

Some bat shapes cut out of black card and decorated with a silver glitter edging and some googly-eyes look really cool scattered around the room, especially when you dim the lights and switch on a disco-ball.

Budget Party Food Ideas for Halloween

Kids' Halloween Party Food on a budget
Make spooky iced fairy cakes and vampire ginger-bread men 😈

Satsumas masquerading as jack-o-lanterns, and peeled banana “ghosts” with raisins for eyes make some great spooky fodder for the table. I particularly like this idea from Kirsty at The Money-Saving Mum for making hot-dogs into fingers!

For a spooky sign to stick on your door, take a look at this brilliant Fright Sign from Mrs Pinch.

Budget- and Kid-friendly Halloween party themes

You could have a Halloween disco as we did, and download a playlist from Amazon Prime. Some fun ideas for party games include the age-old tradition of apple-bobbing, some fake spiders and other eerie icons hidden in a big tub of jelly, and some kids’ temporary tattoos.

If you’d rather have something a little less messy and simply want to mark the occasion with some fun activities, Nicola over at the Frugal Cottage has got a brilliant selection of 8 Frugal Halloween Activities you can do together with your kids.

Funding your Budget Kid’s Halloween Party

Earn money with Redwigwam
Earn money for your Halloween party

Even if you have most of what you need, it’s inevitable that your children will want to go trick-or-treating, which will more than likely require a trip to the shop to buy a new outfit!

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