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What's included in Amazon Prime

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I’ve been a user of Amazon Prime for a number of years now, and it never fails to disappoint. A few of you have asked me about it, and I’m often surprised to discover that not everyone knows of the great benefits that are available. So, I’m going to share my own views about the service. Here are what I believe to be 4 great benefits of Amazon Prime.


What Are the Benefits to Being an Amazon Prime Member?

Outlander Amazon Prime
Jamie Fraser 🙂


1. Prime TV and Prime Video 

This has to be my favourite, because I’m a HUGE Outlander fan, and it’s the only place in the UK where we can view this STARZ TV series first. There are loads of other great TV series’ on there too. Downton Abbey if you want to binge-watch from the beginning and catch up, Sneaky Pete, Jack Ryan, American Gods (show availability correct at time of publishing), and more.

As well as having a huge catalogue of movies to choose from (you can filter by “Included with Prime”) such as The Hangover, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Body of Lies, there’s also a great line-up of kids’ shows.

My children love Amazon Prime, as they can access all of their favourite shows such as Teen Titan’s Go, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and Ben and Holly. There’s Mr. Bean, Wishenpoof and many, many more shows that the kids love.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV stick you can also access apps for catch-up TV services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and All 4. This avoids the necessity of needing an unnecessarily expensive TV receiver box such as Sky Q.

2. Amazon Prime Music

Lots of people don’t realise that with your Amazon Prime Membership, you get access to over 2,000,000 popular songs. Granted, you can’t get every song you want to listen to, but you can be sure there will be a fair few of your favourites.

With Amazon Prime Music you can create your own playlists and they’ll automatically be sorted for you into playlists, artists, albums, songs and genres. Not only that, but if you know you’re going away and won’t have access to WiFi or want to save your data and avoid streaming, you can download music to your portable device before you go.

You can browse by recommended music, stations, new releases, charts, and playlists.

And the best part? There are NO adverts! So I can listen to music without any rude interruptions, which is great when I’m either running or working. There’s nothing more annoying than an ad break interrupting your train of thought.


3. Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading Kindle
Kindle e-Reader

This is another one of my favourite perks, because I’m an avid reader. I love fiction and I love self-development books, and it gives you the opportunity to discover new authors.

And do you know what else? You can read magazines, too! TV magazines, women’s weeklies, lifestyle magazines.

Oh, and Harry Potter is featured in there, too.

When you’ve finished reading your book or magazine, you simply return it. Not ALL books are included in Prime, but there are thousands to choose from.


4. Free Delivery

If you like to order your birthday presents online like me, you probably know you can get free delivery on thousands of products through Amazon Prime. I love this option because as a busy working mum, it saves me time.

When I’m searching for something, especially if I need it fast, I’ll type in a search term, filter by Amazon Prime delivery options, and sort the price from low to high (it’s all about saving money where I can, after all).

Most of the deliveries come the next day, with some coming the same day. The best part is you can track your parcel once its been despatched, with some of them letting you see exactly where the driver is and how many stops away he/she is.


How Much is Amazon Prime?

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial, then after that, it’s £79 for the year. You can choose to pay £7.99 per month (which is what I currently do to help with budgeting), but of course, it’s cheaper to pay upfront as you’re saving more than two months’ worth of fees.

So that’s music, movies and TV, reading and FREE delivery all included in that, which I think is pretty awesome.


Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Amazon Prime Movie
Our beloved Bridget

I’ll be honest here, we actually have both, as there are some things that are on Netflix that aren’t on Prime, and vice-versa. But where Amazon Prime differs is if you have the Fire TV stick, you also have access to the other apps (and you can access Netflix from here, too).

If I was forced to choose between the two, I’d still choose Amazon Prime purely for the fact I can get books, music and delivery as well as TV.


Amazon Prime TV vs Now TV

If you want to know which is the best option, to be honest it’s all down to personal preference. There are of course a lot of shows available on NOW TV that you can’t get through Amazon. You have access to the Sky Entertainment Channels such as Sky One, Sky Atlantic and Fox, for a cost of £8.99 per month.

But if you want access to Sky Cinema that’s an extra £11.99 per month (although you’ll find plenty of newer film releases). And if you’d like access to kids shows such as Mr Bean, Horrid Henry and Sponge Bob, it’ll set you back an additional £3.99.

With NOW TV, there are channels such as Nick Jr, Cartoonito, and Boomerang that you won’t find anywhere else, but in my opinion the shows available for the kids on Prime TV are more than enough. (When I was a kid, we had CITV and CBBC after school until 5:30, and Saturday morning cartoons. That was it!)


Prime Music vs. Spotify

Amazon Prime Music streaming
Listen to some tunes.

I have a membership for Spotify as well as Amazon Music. I do sometimes use Spotify, although it’s the free version. Mostly, I use it when another member of our household (mostly my 8-year-old daughter who is hugely into music right now) is on Prime Music.

It is good, in that you’re often shown new artists that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. There also seem to be more tracks available on Spotify than on Amazon.

However, as mentioned earlier in the post, the adverts can be annoying. I don’t particularly want to pay for an additional music service when we already have one. To add to that, you can’t skip tracks on the free version, and you are limited to which track to play first in an album.

Basically, despite there being potentially fewer songs available through Prime Music, you’re in control of what you listen to.


Amazon Prime Music or Apple Music?

I’m a huge Apple fan. If I had a huge selection of owned digital files then I might use Apple Music for both downloads and streaming. However, I’m all about saving money where I can. I’d rather have continuous access to a whole range of music than buy my own. Technology is changing so fast these days, I think streaming is the way forward. It also opens up experience to new music you might not otherwise have discovered.

I have an iPhone, and a MacBook, but I don’t (presently) use iTunes or Apple Music. In fact, the last (and only) digital album I bought was Coldplay, 8 years ago. I was gifted an iPad by my old company while on maternity leave. I haven’t bought another one since!

Personally, as I already have access to music through Amazon Prime, it’s a no-brainer for me. It doesn’t make sense to pay for a premium subscription service when trying to save money.


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, choosing your service will be down to your personal preference. For example, availability of TV shows, accessibility to the music you love. It also depends on whether you’re a bookworm and if you favour Amazon for shopping with fast delivery. To give Amazon Prime a go, you can sign up to their free 30-day trial. There’s even an option to turn off automatic renewal if you don’t want to proceed after your trial.

You can sign up to the Amazon Prime free trial here.

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