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Do You Have a Matched Betting Process?

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When you first get started with matched betting, working through the signup offers is fairly straightforward. The site I use, Profit Accumulator, has a useful feature whereby you can track your profits and which betting accounts you have your money in. But pretty soon you’ll need a matched betting process.

(Please note, matched betting is NOT GAMBLING. If matched betting is new to you, please start with this article). 

As you progress, you’ll find yourself to be processing more than one offer a day. You need to be able to keep up with where all your money is, and track which offers are on the go.

You need a system to keep up with it all. A process to help you maximise your profits.

So, I want to help you and share my process for keeping track of my matched betting efforts.

Have a regular routine

Without a regular routine, it’s difficult to get into a rhythm. The more frequently you do matched betting, the quicker you will learn all there is to know, which will help you earn more money. Doing it every day (if you can) means it’s also fresh in your mind from the day before. So try to find a slot in your day that you can dedicate to it, preferably without any interruptions so that you can concentrate. Here’s how I fit matched betting into my day.

Draw up a checklist for your Matched Betting Process

It’s helpful to have a checklist you can tick as you go. Procedures and processes create habits, and habits make a process work faster and more efficiently. So draw one up using the points mentioned below, to ensure you don’t miss anything out.

The following check points assume you have already completed your first offer. If this is your first time with matched betting, begin with point 6 below.

1. Check your ‘In Progress’ offers

Check which offers you currently have in progress (for example, a bet you placed yesterday), then double check your figures add up. For straightforward sign-up offers, you should have made a small qualifying loss of a few pence prior to placing your free bet. Check to see whether you have ‘won’ the back bet, or whether it has lost/won into the exchange.

2. Log or update your figures

Profit Accumulator have a dedicated section for you to keep track of your bank balance and the accounts you currently have open with funds in. There is the option to ‘transfer’ money from your bank balance into a betting account, (it’s not a physical transfer from your actual bank, it’s a transfer to keep track of your figures), but you might want to keep a separate log.

Each day, I begin with an opening balance (carried over from the day before), then check and write down each account balance in my matched betting log book. This includes my (designated) matched betting bank account, the betting accounts I have with funds in, and any betting exchange with money in. This might sound a bit anal but I like to keep track of it all as otherwise I find I lose pence here and there! You might find it unnecessary, but you won’t know until you try and get your own little system going.

The figures will change where you have an in-progress offer on the go. Some days a balance might go down by a few pence (qualifying loss), and then the next day it should go up after you have processed your free bet.

Which brings us on to the next point.

3. Place any free bets that have qualified

Now that you have checked your In Progress offers and updated your figures, it’s time to place your free bets that have qualified. I tend to keep these open until the bet has settled, then close them on the next checking process.

4. Close any ‘In Progress’ offers that are finished

As mentioned above, these will be displayed in the ‘In Progress’ section of the applicable Profit Accumulator ‘Offers’ section. Any in-progress offers that have been completed can be closed by clicking on the offer, and then marking the offer as Complete. You can then cross it off your “In Progress” list.

5. Choose your next offer: Check sign-ups and/or reload offers

This one is self-explanatory; now that you’ve checked everything you can select and begin your next offer.

6. Log any offers completed

I log these by marking an offer in Profit Accumulator as “In Progress”, and enter the due date that a bet is due to settle or make a note of something I need to do on that day. You’ll see in the above example I still have one open for Sportingbet – that’s not still ongoing, I’ve just kept it open as the bet won into the bookies. The balance is merely sitting in the account so this is still open as another reminder.

Make sure to log any profit in the profit tracker you get with your Profit Accumulator membership so that you can watch your pot grow!

I also log the bets I’ve placed on a spreadsheet, to keep track of when/what time I have placed my bets, what the matches are and which exchange I have used, as otherwise it can be quite difficult to remember specifically which bets you have placed and where!

If you would like a useable copy of this spreadsheet, let me know and I’ll make it available to you. Just email me via the button below.

I hope the above is of use to you; I’ve found during my matched betting journey that you need to have a system in place to keep on top of it all. Let me know if you’ve found it helpful or if there’s anything else you need!

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