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Save and make money with switching and cash back

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Every now and then there comes a time when your insurance, broadband, or energy is due for renewal. Only, the renewal price is almost always far higher than the price you had the previous year. Which means that unless you do something about it, you are paying more than you need to. Instead of losing money, what if you could make money? There’s a process I use to both save money and make money at the same time. It’s called switching with cash back.

I’ve recently switched my energy provider, saving us £319 for the year compared to the forthcoming year’s projection (fuel prices have risen again) of £1087 from our current provider. At the same time, I’ve earned £40 commission by making that purchase through the cash back site, Quidco.

Shop Around For The Best Deal

Firstly, use a comparison site to work out where you can get the best deal. In the above example, I used, which listed a number of energy providers, showing the cheapest first. Depending on how much time I have, I might also check, or to see which deals come up.

Compare Gas and Electricity Prices – You Could Save Over £238* on your bills when you compare Energy Prices at MoneySuperMarket.

*51% of customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket could save at least £238.25, August 2019.

For now, stick with one of the above to avoid confusion.

You’ll need to enter all of your details, and input some data (for car, or home insurance, for example), then click through to receive your quotes.

When it comes to the results, I don’t always go for the cheapest, and will take other factors into consideration, too, such as what their customer service levels are like, and how ‘green’ the company is.

Save Money: Look For The Best Cashback Deal

I use two cash back sites, Quidco and TopCashback.


Some examples of cash back I’ve received:

  • British Gas Boiler Cover: £100
  • Quidco energy compare: £40
  • Sky broadband: £110
  • Aviva Response Home Repair Cover: £70
  • BT Broadband: £170

Leaving the price comparison tabs open for now, open each of these sites, and check to see whether your chosen service provider is listed. If not, cross-check the cash back sites and your price comparison sites to see if any other contenders are listed.

In the instance above, I found a new energy provider, who although not the cheapest, had great reviews on They are also green (an important factor to me) and offer a referral program. In addition to this, signing up through Quidco energy compare meant £40 cash back.

You could go straight through Quidco’s comparison service, but I find it helpful to use one of the larger comparison sites first just to help with research.

Write it Down

When using comparison sites, it’s worth checking what offers they have, as some of them offer exclusive reward cards or other benefits.

If you want to go with a specific company, you might prefer to use this option rather than using a cash back site, especially if your chosen company doesn’t come with any cash back offers.

Otherwise, make a written note of the quotation that you’ve obtained from your price comparison website. You’ll need this to cross-reference the quote you get through the cash back site. It may differ slightly, but hopefully not too much as you want to make your cash back worthwhile!

Make Money: Clear Your Website History

Now that you’ve done your research, you’ll need to close down all of your browser tabs and clear your browsing history. This clears all the cookies so that when you complete your purchase, there’s a clear breadcrumb trail from the cash back site to the product or service supplier. This is really important in order to be paid your cash back. 

If you’ve left a virtual footprint of you having already visited a supplier’s website, or visited through any medium other than the cash back site you are going with, your cash back is unlikely to be paid.

Complete Your Switching and Cashback purchase

Having cleared your internet history, you’ll need to sign in again. Find your chosen supplier, click through to the website and complete your purchase. It’s as simple as that.

(Make sure you complete your purchase through one device. If you start it on your phone and complete it on your tablet or computer, it can’t be tracked properly by the cash back site.)

Once your purchase has been tracked, you’ll get a notification. With Quidco, you should be able to see when you can expect to receive your payment. Some retailers pay faster than others. Quidco will also display the payment speed of the retailer.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to receive your commission. It’s always a nice little surprise to receive that extra bit of money that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. You can put this towards debt repayment or your latest savings mission.

So go ahead: Take a few minutes to save money and make money with switching and cash back.

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