January to March 2019 Income Report

Miss Penny Money's Income Report Jan-Mar 2019

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I’m conscious of the fact that I haven’t done an income report since December, and as I’ve had a pretty good couple of months I thought it was time to update that. So here is the full January to March 2019 Income Report.

January Income Report

January was quiet earnings-wise, simply because I spent a lot of time doing some background work on the blog, as well as some paid work that didn’t come through until February and March. I’ve also been deep-cleaning too – a sure sign of Spring’s imminence! I did manage to earn a little through selling some items through Shpock and an easy task through Roamler.

Matched betting was my biggest earner for January.

  • Shpock: £19.00
  • Banking rewards and interest: £10.99
  • Roamler: £8.00
  • Matched betting: £189.43
  • January Total: £227.42


February Income Report

February was a great month for me since I left my part-time job in November. I was struggling with juggling everything else and decided I’d be better off focusing my efforts on other income streams as and when I could, and working it around my kids. My earnings this month therefore are really inspiring to me, knowing that I’ve done this all myself through my own hard work and perseverance.

  • Banking rewards and interest: £6.66
  • Mystery shopping: £73.55
  • Surveys and task apps: £7.64
  • eBay: £7.99
  • Blog: £298.10
  • Matched betting: £73.71
  • February total: £467.65


March Income Report

I’m sharing this with three days left in the month as we’re going on holiday imminently so there won’t be much scope for additional earning. Even so, it’s been a pretty lucrative month. Not quite as lucrative as February but I’m pleased with it nonetheless! As you’ll see I made quite a bit selling some items. Spring just makes me want to throw everything out and as my eyes are open when it comes to making money, these unwanted items need to be sold!

  • Freelancing £16.24
  • Personal possession sales: £70.99
  • Mystery shopping: £44.94
  • Blog: £30.00
  • Matched betting: £138.14
  • March total: £300.31


So, there you have it. My latest money-making updates to go towards paying off my debts. I hope these income reports inspire you to take control of your own finances.

I’m a stay-at-home mum with a shift-working husband, running a household, freelancing, managing a family, refereeing kids, and chasing around after a pre-schooler. All while trying to keep on top of money, pay off debt, and grow my blog. I’m not always the most organised person in the world, so if I can do it, so can you.



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