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The Secret to Mystery Shopping

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Do you want to know the secret to mystery shopping? A few years ago, I’d heard how some people were doing mystery shopping visits, but it didn’t seem to be a very accessible market. I’m not sure if that’s because it was a well-kept secret, or if it’s because I just didn’t know where to look.

Since embarking on our journey to become debt-free, I’ve come across a number of mystery shopping companies.  I’ve made just under £200 from completing little tasks, or going into shops to check stock and make a purchase. My favourite mystery shop so far was a visit to a luxury boutique in Bicester Village to try on some beautiful clothes (and then sobbed at not being able to afford to purchase them – I’m working on that). That mission earned me £30. Just to try on clothes! It’s every girl’s dream.

A few of you on Instagram have asked me over the past few weeks which mystery shopping companies I use, so I’ve put together a list below. I started mystery shopping with RedWigWam before discovering the other companies. Their roles are pretty diverse – I’m in line for a property check role imminently, but have also completed shops which involve purchasing ice cream and taking it home to eat, with the cost being reimbursed. To me, and any other ice-cream lover, that’s a win-win!

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Mystery shopping companies

Take the same view as you would for job-hunting, and sign up to as many mystery shopping companies as you can to increase the chance of you finding work:

Redwigwam aren’t just a mystery shopping company. They also have other task work available such as merchandising in a supermarket, or driving jobs. When signing up, you’ll need to confirm your right to work and get someone to verify your identity, but otherwise it’s fairly straightforward.

Marketforce often have a number of restaurant or bar assignments available. In addition to being paid for your visit and your report on said visit, you’ll also have the cost of your beverage and/or meal reimbursed. Which means free food! The assignment notes are very thorough, so you need to read them carefully before beginning to make sure you know what you need to look out for.

BeMyEye (task app) is a great little app that lives on your phone, which you can use to find work in your area. Tasks range from mystery shopping to product searches. Other tasks include street-checking, checking billboard adverts and more. Sign up here for a £1 bonus when you complete your first mission. Note: Earnings must be at £20.00 before you can request payment.

Roamler (task app) is another app you can use to find mystery shopping and task checking jobs through your phone, wherever you are in the country. You’ll need an access code (which you can get via after 10 quality posts on the forum). Once you’re started, you progress through levels. Each time you level up, you unlock more paid tasks.

Sassieshop/Presto Insta-shops

A number of mystery shopping companies use a software system called Sassieshop, which is where you will read your brief and complete your report. You can find mystery shopping jobs through Sassie’s app, Presto Insta-shops. From here you can view local mystery shopping on a map, as well as in list format of nearby jobs. I have found the system to be a little clunky, but once you get the hang of it, it opens up many more opportunities for you. You’ll need to sign up to each mystery shopping company individually. Below are three of the companies I have used/am aware of:

HS Brands is a company I signed up with after being approached by them on Twitter. They work with high-profile companies such as Coca-Cola and Google. This is the company with which I completed the boutique visit. It was well-paid and great fun!

Tern are one of the faster-paying mystery shopping companies. I recently completed an assignment with them for taking out a mobile-phone contract, which required me to change my mind about the credit agreement at the last minute (one I had no problem with!).

React UK – I’ve not used this site as yet, however their shops have appeared on the Presto Instashops app for visits in my local area. Definitely one to bear in mind!

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The Secret to Mystery Shopping

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