December Income Report – Miss Penny Money

December Income Report - Miss Penny Money

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Each month I’ll be sharing my income report for you, to show that is it possible to make extra money to help pay off debt. Here’s my December income report.

It’s a little late, due to me skiing into January with my focus on several plans and goals. But here it is, nonetheless.

December was a quiet month for me, income-wise, and as such I didn’t have a specific goal in mind, either. With my birthday and Christmas both falling in the same month (and it being my 40th this year!), there wasn’t a lot of time for extra work on top of everything else.

I mentioned in my November income report that I’d quit my part-time job. There were a couple of reasons for this, one of them being the fact that I was running myself into the ground, so I spent most of the month celebrating turning 40, catching up on sleep, eating far too much chocolate, and enjoying my family.

Despite this, I still managed to make a little extra money to put towards debt, so it was a successful month.

December Income Report

My total extra income for December was £201.03, with £163.05 coming from Matched Betting profit. I also made my first £20 through my blog, which is exciting as it means I’m making progress in growing my blogging business.

  • Matched Betting £163.05
  • Blog £20
  • eBay £9.99
  • eBay £2.99
  • Shoppix £5

My income goal for January is £500, and I’ve already made over £100 profit through Profit Accumulator, thanks to some winnings on some free spins at the beginning of the month.

I hope these income reports inspire you to embark on your own debt-free or money-saving journey.

What’s important to remember is that paying off debt takes time, grit and determination. You’ll only pay off your debt if you’re active and making the effort to do whatever you can to reduce it, such as list items for sale or look for additional income streams. But with the right attitude, anything is possible.


Miss Penny Money

December Income Report - Miss Penny Money

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