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When I first began my debt-free journey, one of the things I first did was sell our DVDs, helping to reduce clutter and earn us a bit of extra cash. There are a few apps out there – some pay more money for one DVD than another – and you want to maximise your potential income from the sales. So I’ve put together this guide for you on how to get the most money for your DVDs, to ensure you get as much return as possible.

Where can you sell them?

You could try listing them on one of the many selling sites available (think Facebook Marketplace, e-Bay etc), but if you’re looking for a quick sale and are a little short on time, the easiest thing to do is to download the apps available for the quickest way to shift them.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you simply scan the barcode, and the app will tell you how much your DVD is worth.

I recommend the following top 3 apps:

Music Magpie

Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply click on ‘Sell CDs, DVDs, Books & Games’. The app will automatically open up the barcode scanner. Hold this over the barcode on your DVD case for an instant valuation of your DVD. If accepted, the DVD will be added to your list, along with the quoted price.

You need £5 worth of sales to be able to send your DVDs. But once you have reached the threshold and finished listing, you can pop them in a box, and send them for free using one of their shipping methods (either book a courier, or drop them off at a Parcelshop or Post Office location). When Music Magpie have received your goods, they’ll put the money in your account the same day.


When you download the app, you will need to register. Once complete, simply click on ‘start scanning’, and again, hold the scanner over the barcode for a price. If accepted, the DVD will be added to the list along with the price given.

You’ll need to have at least £10 worth of items, but they also accept CDs, console games and books, so it’s worth looking around to see what else you might be able to send.

You then simply pack your items and send them for free using Zapper’s Collect+ shipping service. The app has an in-built store locator to help you find the nearest one. Zapper recommends using as few boxes as possible to minimise the processing time. Zapper will confirm your name and address and send you a free shipping label. They’ll post your cheque to you on receipt of processing your goods.


Ziffit is also very user-friendly. The interface has three tabs along the bottom; Account, Scan, and Menu. On opening the app, the scanner will automatically load first, so you can get scanning right away. Any successful scans will be added to your basket, and you only need either £5 worth of goods, or 10 items. It’s also free to send your items with Ziffit. They offer two services; the drop-off service with Collect+, or they will arrange a home collection courier service for orders over 10kg.

Payment will be sent to you via PayPal or bank transfer once your items have been processed.


How do you get the most money for your DVDs?

This is where the three apps differ, as they all offer different prices, which I presume depends on demand for the product you’re wishing to sell. On some occasions, your DVDs may be accepted by one company and not by another, or it may not be accepted by any of them.

The best method to ensure you are getting the most money for your DVDs, is to check the price on each app. Then send it to the company offering the most money.

For example, Music Magpie are offering £0.96 for Peter Rabbit, whereas Ziffit are offering £1.76, so I would add this to the ‘Ziffit’ pile. Zapper, on the other hand, didn’t want the DVD at all. In this case, a message flashes up stating ‘We are not currently accepting this item’.

Zapper refused this one
How much do Ziffit pay for DVDs
Ziffit offered the best price

Once you’ve established which company you’re sending the DVD to, ensure that you delete it from the list on the other app(s). You won’t be sending it to them and won’t be paid for it.

When I sent my DVDs, I did find that one app paid more for some DVDs than others, and vice-versa. However I needed to make up the order values. So I sent some discs to Music Magpie when Zapper were offering slightly more.


How much did I earn?

I only used Music Magpie and Zapper when I sold my DVDs, as I hadn’t heard of Ziffit at the time. However, it would seem that they do tend to offer a better price than the other two overall. The other issue I had as well was that the majority of our DVDs were quite old, so didn’t fetch such a high price.

I earned £5.25 from Music Magpie, and £5.33 from Zapper. It wasn’t a huge amount, as I received mere pence for each film. But there’s now less clutter in our living room (we rarely watched them) and it was a nice addition to paying off debt!

As indicated above with the Peter Rabbit example, newer DVDs fetch a better price than older ones. If you’re a bit of a film addict and are always buying them, you could stand to make quite a good return.


Do you have lots of other stuff to sell? Take a look at my Top 7 Selling Sites to make yourself some extra money. Get those debts paid off!


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