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November Income Report

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Each month I’ll be sharing my income report for you, to show that is it possible to make extra money to help pay off debt. Here’s my November income report.

I’m pretty pleased with this month’s earnings, as I set a goal of £500, with £150 of that income target to be generated outside of my part-time job; i.e., money generated myself through various ventures. You can see my 5 Easy Ways to Make Money here.

November Income Report

I’m delighted to share that I’ve made £703.32 in total, £118.91 of which is from Matched Betting. I had a £100 target for the month so I’m pleased with this as it covers the Profit Accumulator fee, too. If you would like to try Matched Betting for yourself with a free trial, you can sign up to Profit Accumulator using my referral code 317204. 

You can earn up to £45, risk-free, by taking advantage of the welcome offers. Once you’ve used up the welcome offers, you can then decide whether Matched Betting is for you. There’s no requirement to sign up to a payment plan on the free trial, although you will need between £60 – £100 to start with for your bets, and to cover liability in the exchange. Matched betting is risk-free, tax-free, and 100% legal. You can start with £60 (as I did), or more, and steadily increase your earnings. Check out the Profit Accumulator site for more information.

I also received a welcome addition to this month’s earnings in the form of Quidco Cashback. By switching broadband and TV to Sky, I earned £115. I also used Quidco Energy Compare to switch our gas and electricity supplier earlier this year, earning an extra £40. If you’re considering changing broadband suppliers to save money, check out this article first.

Redwigwam mystery shopping jobs involved buying ice cream, and getting paid for the privilege! You can find out how to become a Mystery Shopper here.

The total amount outside of part-time employment in November is £333.30, which I’ve broken down below:

  • Matched Betting £118.91
  • Quidco Cashback: £155.00
  • RedWigWam Mystery Shopping: £31.50
  • NatWest My Rewards: £7.84
  • Facebook Marketplace: £8.00
  • Vypr: £5.00
  • Shopmium cashback: £4.40
  • Qmee Surveys: £2.65

I earned £401.52 through my part-time job in November.

What’s next?

I’ve now left my job in favour of focusing on other income streams. In addition to this debt-free journey, building the blog, managing a family and household, I’m also writing again.

Some people may call me crazy for giving up an income, especially while trying to pay off debt! But trying to juggle everything was affecting my mental health, and health and wellbeing is very important to me.

I also prefer being self-employed and the freedom that comes with it, so from here-on it’s entirely about building those income streams and winning the Money marathon.

£500 of this money earned will be going towards debt, and the rest is spending money for my birthday break, because I’m 40 this month! We’re staying in a bijou beach-hut with a hot tub for a KID-FREE long weekend, and I cannot wait. 

I hope I’ve inspired some of you to knuckle down on saving and making money to help you on your debt-free journey or your voyage for Financial Independence.

So there we have it, the full breakdown of my November income report. I’ll be back in a few days with my money-saving goals for December.

Love, Miss Penny Money

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