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October income report

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I want this debt-free journey to be transparent, so that readers can see genuine progress, and understand that paying off debt does take time – life still goes on and we’re not all super-human. This month I’ve been busy with a few different bits and pieces as mentioned below, so haven’t maximised my earning potential. As I settle into a bit more of a routine I’m keen for this to increase as the months progress. So here’s my October Income Report.

I’m logging my extra income in the hope these reports will inspire you to make more money where you can. Here’s the breakdown below.

October income report

Working part-time has really bumped up my income, and I’m netting around £300 per month. This is a welcome addition to a normally single-income family.

With October being my first month of matched betting with Profit Accumulator, this one’s a small profit, which I hope to increase for November.

Sales of personal possessions have been a little slow though, mostly because I’ve been concentrating on building the blog when I’ve not been at work or looking after everything else (including managing the budget and producing meal plans for fussy children!). I’ve also spent quite a bit of lazy time trawling Pinterest for interior decor ideas in my part-time! As I grow this blog I want to share my interior decor on a budget, too.


Part-time job: £293.63

Matched betting: £58.08

Facebook Marketplace: £40.00

Mystery shopping: £16.00

Natwest My Rewards: £8.11

Shoppix cashback: £1.15

Total: £416.97


So, there we have it. The £40 from FB Marketplace will be going towards redecorating my daughter’s room, and the rest towards our debt repayments. I’m hoping to begin making money off the blog next month, but it’s all a learning curve, so we’ll see.

Come back next month for an update on how I’ve done in November. I’ll be posting my goals later in the week.


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