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Homemade vegetable soup recipe

Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Homemade vegetable soup makes a hearty winter meal for a lazy weekend.

Every now and then, I like to throw some stuff together to make a soup.

This one’s definitely a winner for Saturday lunchtime in our household. Every last drop slurped up and mopped up with hot buttered toast.

Sweet potato and peppery parsnip tantalised the taste buds. Humble spuds filled hungry tummies, and green lentils supplied a protein hit and a steady release of energy. Carrot, courgette and onion complimented it nicely with a delicate sweet finish.

And the best part? I used my slow cooker to do the hard work for me, retaining all the vegetables’ nutrients. It slogged away for a whole day, keeping that goodness intact while making the house smell amazing.

Once cooled, I placed the pot in the fridge overnight, then blended it all in the morning with a handheld liquidiser. Adding some more water to adjust the thick consistency, I warmed it on the hob and served it up as an easy, nutritious lunch for a family of four.

Homemade vegetable soup recipe

NB: All ingredients are approximate and depend on what you have available in the fridge, but as a rough guide here’s what went in:

homemade vegetable soup in the slow cooker (before being liquidised)

1 x onion, chopped

1 x sweet potato, cubed

4 x baby potatoes, cubed

1 x parsnip, cubed

1 x carrot, cubed

1/4 celeriac, cubed

1/4 giant courgette (homegrown from a friend, so the equivalent of 1 medium courgette), sliced and quartered.

1 x tablespoon vegetable oil

1/2 can green lentils

Boiling water to cover the vegetables

A dollop of single cream (optional)

A slug of milk

Boiling water to adjust the consistency when blitzed

Salt and pepper to taste

This made a generous pot of soup for the whole family, with enough leftover to be poured into pots and frozen for lunches later in the week.

Anyone can make homemade soup. It’s fun to experiment, it uses up leftover veg and reduces waste. Plus, if you use a slow cooker there’s practically no effort involved. Not only have you got a healthy, nutritious meal, you’re also saving money.


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