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Turkey & Mushroom Tagliatelle – a meal for four for less than £5

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I’ve been pretty slack with my meal plans these past two weeks; I’ve been too busy having a mammoth house declutter and clean. So I’ve pretty much been flying by the seat of my pants and what we have in when it’s come to making dinners lately, but most of our meals tend to come in under £5 – like this one that turned out to cost us £3.50!

I recently whipped up this culinary delight, and it was well-received by both of my (normally stupidly fussy) children.

Using two turkey breasts (leftover from a pack that I’d split the week before and frozen), some mushrooms and a few florets of broccoli, I fried them all off with some olive oil, onion and garlic, and added a tin of mushroom soup, then left it to simmer for around 20-30 minutes.

I added a good couple of dollops of crème fraiche as the tagliatelle (6 nests) was cooking, then mixed it all together before serving up to the table and my hungry girls.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

  • 2 x Morrisons Turkey Breasts = £2.00 (£4.00 for a pack of 4)
  • 1/3 punnet of Aldi Chestnut Mushrooms = £0.20 (£0.59 per pack)
  • 1/3 of an Aldi Broccoli = £0.15 (£0.55)
  • 1 x tin Aldi Oxtail/mushroom soup = £0.35
  • 2 heaped spoonfuls of Aldi crème fraiche = £0.45 (£0.89 per pot)
  • 8x Asda tagliatelle nests = £0.35 (£0.75 per pack – recommended serving 75g per person; each nest was 25g so I did 3 each for hubby and me and 1 each for the girls, as they’re only little.)

TOTAL COST: = £3.50 (not including the garlic, onion and olive oil).

Usually I’d make my own creamy sauce from scratch, but this one was a meal of convenience with simply chucking in a can of soup. I think it’s fine to do this occasionally, especially when you’re short on time as I have been these past two weeks!

So there you have it; another frugal meal shared – quick, easy and delicious.

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  1. This looks delicious! I eat a lot of chicken so have been switching to turkey lately to change it up a bit. Definitely need to try this one, can’t believe the cost for four portions! Thank you for sharing =) x

    1. Thanks Hayley! Glad you liked the post. Turkey makes a nice change sometimes doesn’t it? It’s often cheaper, too, depending on what you buy. Enjoy, let me know what you think! x

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