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Switching broadband providers – what you need to know.

Save money on broadband

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Changing any supplier is something I do consistently at the end of each contract.

Here’s my method, put together for you to ensure you can get the best deal for you.


Do you need a package?

First off, you need to decide what broadband service you need, and whether you just want broadband or a TV and broadband package combined. If your TV already supplies you with Freeview and catch-up TV, do you really need a TV service? It’s all down to personal preference, budget, and depends on which TV provider you prefer or can get (Sky? Virgin? BT Freeview?) and the programmes you like to watch. Not all channels are available on all services, unless it’s Freeview of course.

Once you’ve decided on what you need, you can use comparison sites such as,, and Bear in mind that many of these will also offer deals that are exclusive to that comparison site.


How you can make money by switching.

Ultimately, the best option would be to use a cashback site such as Quidco, or Top Cashback to make sure you’re getting the best saving.

I always check the comparison sites first to determine the best deal, then cross-reference them with the cashback sites to see which, if any, pay cashback and which have the best rates.

The aim here is to save as much money as possible, but I always consider customer ratings before switching, too, as there’s nothing worse than being locked into an 18 month contract with poor service.

Another thing to consider is the upfront cost; while the monthly fee may seem like a good deal, I always take the upfront cost and divide it by the term of the contract, to ensure it’s not going to cost me more overall than my current provider.

BT often have deals where they supply a reward card, and if you are able to combine this with cashback too, you’ll be making a very tidy saving.

Top tip for using cashback sites.

One very important tip to remember when using cashback sites is to ensure you close any unnecessary browser tabs and clear your cookies before proceeding with an order. Cashback sites are all about passing commission on to you, rather than the seller, for a particular product sale; so any price comparisons done beforehand will invalidate any cashback. There needs to be a clear breadcrumb trail from you clicking through and completing your order, without any other tell-tale competitor cookies. In addition to this, you must ensure that your order is completed on the same computer in one go, as any interruptions or switching of computers/devices in the middle of a transaction could also break the tracking trail, meaning your cashback won’t be paid.

So remember above all to do your homework and ensure you’re getting the best deal. Don’t be fooled by those urgent marketing messages to “hurry, offer ends soon!”, because there will always be another deal to be had. It may take a few hours or days of research, but it’ll be worth it.

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