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Savvy Savers’ Superfood Salad!

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Superfood salad for lunch today!

As I’m not eating bread, I try to make a healthy alternative for lunch, which is often based on what I’ve got available.

Savvy Savers’ Superfood Salad

Today’s salad consists of quinoa, kale, apple, feta and chopped pine nuts. It could do with a few more pine nuts, but I literally had about 10 left in the packet and haven’t managed to buy any more as Aldi don’t currently stock them.

This dish is full of protein – quinoa is a great protein source- is pretty tasty (IMO), and cost very little to put together.

I made enough for two so hubby can be healthy too and take it to work with him for a slow-releasing energy snack that he can munch on throughout the night. I think sandwiches are overrated, and boring.

What are your no-bread-go-to-lunches?

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